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Can you provide a valuation on an item or items?2019-07-10T10:29:24+10:00

The Auctioneers and Valuers Association is an industry body and as such we do not provide auction or valuation services ourselves.

Please try a member search via the following link

You can then contact members directly for assistance.

How much does a valuation cost?2019-07-10T10:30:22+10:00

There are many different types of valuations and the cost will depend on the purpose of the valuation, the type of goods involved, location, accessibility, research required, etc. You would need to discuss these matters directly with the valuer concerned for any given matter.

What is the process for buying or selling at auction?2019-07-10T10:46:17+10:00

Generally, goods are consigned to auction houses by a vendor and then offered for sale via a public auction, online auction, or combination. There are many variations to exact processes for each auction house, so you should ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of sale or agency agreement before bidding or consigning items.

For an overview of auction processes, please refer to the following:

(NB this is a general guide. Each state has different legislation, and there may be particular or additional requirements for certain types of goods, eg motor vehicles, livestock, etc).

I am looking for a valuer for Real Estate2019-07-10T10:47:12+10:00

The AVAA is the leading National Body of Auctioneers and Valuers of fine art, antiques and collectables, goods, chattels, plant and equpment. Our members therefore deal predominantly with these items. For enquiries about Real Estate, we suggest you contact a local Estate Agent, or the Real Estate Institute:

How do I make a complaint about an Auctioneer or Valuer?2019-07-10T10:48:42+10:00

In the unfortunate circumstances of a dispute arising between you and an auctioneer or valuer, we recommend in all cases that you should first notify the person involved and seek to resolve the matter directly with them.

Occasionally, matters cannot be easily resolved and you may wish to take the matter further. The Auctioneers & Valuers Association aims to assist in resolving differences between our members and other individuals using the following steps:  

  1. Check that the person concerned is a member of the AVAA via a member search. (If they are not a member, refer to point 4)
  2. Submit a complaint in writing to the National Secretary (email: natsec@avaa.com.au). Verbal and anonymous complaints will not be accepted.
  3. On receipt of a complaint, the member will be notified, and we will seek comment from them. The complaint and the member’s response are then forwarded to our Board of Directors who will initiate action or correspondence as they consider appropriate. You will then be notified of their response or contacted to make other arrangements.
  4. If the party with whom you have a dispute is not a member of the AVAA, we are unable to act in the matter. The Department of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs in your state or territory may be able to assist.
How do I become an Auctioneer?2023-03-22T10:19:13+10:00

The best way to become an Auctioneer is through employment in an Auction House and gaining practical experience under the guidance and mentorship of a senior practitioner. The AVAA also runs an online course that provides students with an introductory level of theoretical education in basic auctioneering skills and procedures.

More information on our courses can be found at:

Different states and territories within Australia have different legislation and licensing requirements for auctioneers and regulations may also vary depending on the nature of goods being sold, in addition to normal trade and consumer laws. You will need to check with the Department of Fair Trading in your state or territory to confirm the licensing and compliance requirements for the particular items you intend to sell.

How do I become a Valuer?2019-07-10T10:52:02+10:00

The best way to become a Valuer is initially through employment in an Auction House or with a Valuation company and gaining practical experience under the guidance and mentorship of a senior practitioner. In addition, valuers should undertake suitable education to learn the appropriate methodologies for assessing the value of goods, chattels, plant and equipment in accordance with Australian accounting standards and International valuation standards. While senior valuers will be able to utilise their skills and experience across a range of assets, most valuers will concentrate on particular categories of asset and seek to develop expertise in their field of specialisation.

The AVAA also runs an online course which provides students with an introductory level of education in basic valation skills and procedures. While the basic principles of valuation addressed can be applied to personal property, fine art and antiques, this course is aimed predominantly at the valuation of industrial and commercial property.

How do I become a Member of the Auctioneers & Valuers Association of Australia?2019-07-10T10:52:52+10:00

Please refer to the Joining page:



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